Infinity Avionics provides a range of high resolution cameras suitable for space asset monitoring, earth observation, space based space surveillance, and rover applications.

Our Lynx4MP camera is set to be launched in late 2022. Lynx4MP is available with a range of flight proven optical assemblies to support different space applications.

Infinity Avionics Engineering Camera or Selfie-Cam, is a low resolution camera ideal for deployment monitoring or low resolution earth imaging.

SelfieCam comes with two different versions, SelfieCam-Standard and SelfieCam-Video.

On-board JPEG encoding of SelfieCam enables small image sizes to support easy image down-link even over bandwidth limited channels. SelfieCam is an ideal product to get visual feedback on satellite deployments and spacecraft orientation.

Our FPGA based processing platforms are reconfigurable and flight proven computer for space applications. These processors can be used as the main flight computer on the satellite, as a payload controller or data processor or for any other application where a reconfigurable FPGA SoC may be advantageous.

These processors have more than 2 years proven lifetime in LEO to date.

Volkh Processing Platform, Perun Processing Platform, and SelfieCam are made under license from UNSW.