Infinity Avionics BRAIN is a Jetson Orin NX based edge processing solution for space applications. BRAIN brings up to 100 TOPS processing power to enable space edge processing. The edge processor comes with ruggedized enclosure and easy to integrate thermal interface.

Orion is a modular, customisable, 12MP camera back end solution which can be combined with a number of compatible optical assemblies. With over 1000 FPS image capture capability and on-board non-volatile data storage options, Orion12MP is ideal for earth observation, space domain awareness and space robotics applications.

Lynx4MP is a customisable camera electronics back end solution designed for space applications with a space proven processor, sensor and storage electronics. Lynx4MP can be provided with a range of ruggedised C-mount optical assemblies and space grade long focal length optical assemblies to support different space applications.

SelfieCam is a small form factor, TRL9, low resolution space asset monitoring camera. The camera can capture and save images in non-volatile memory with high compression ratios to support missions with limited downlink bandwidth. The camera is ideal for space deployment monitoring such as solar panels and antennae.

It is designed with ease of integration and operation in mind, providing capability of low-resolution imaging on-orbit.

Leo2MP is a small form factor engineering camera designed for space applications.

Capable of both on-board image data storage and image data streaming over USB interface, the camera is ideal for monitoring spacecraft structures or deployment activities, space manufacturing and robotics as well as rover applications.