Thermal Vacuum Qualification of SelfieCam Wide Angle Lenses

Last week Infinity Avionics has conducted a thermal vacuum test campaign to qualify a new set of lens options for the Infinity Avionics SelfieCam Engineering Camera. The default lens option for SelfieCam has a 40-degree field of view. Two new lens options were tested, and both lens options proved to be suitable for a vacuum environment and suffered no degradation or cracking due to expansion and contraction from -20 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius over multiple cycles. The field of view values of the new lens options are 90 degrees and 110 degrees, respectively. These new lenses open new applications to our SelfieCam product, and Infinity Avionics will be able to supply SelfieCams with these new lenses as early as next month! Contact us for more information.

The following clip shows a sequence of images captured during the thermal vacuum test.