SelfieCams – From Australia To the World

We are excited to send off the latest batch of Infinity Avionics SelfieCams to a customer in France. This is the first of many exports in the pipeline for Australian designed and built Infinity Avionics space engineering cameras.

Not only nice promotional space images, but SelfieCam can also provide visual feedback to monitor the state and health of spacecraft. SelfieCam can be used to ensure the proper deployment of spacecraft solar panels and antennae. Additionally, SelfieCam provides visual feedback on spacecraft orientation as well.

Infinity Avionics SelfieCam comes with 3 lens options with different field of view values. Depending on the customer requirements, SelfieCam can support different image resolutions. SelfieCam has been used on multiple Australian spacecrafts for more than one year in orbit.

Contact us to see how you can use SelfieCam on your next space mission.