Lynx4MP is a 4 Mega-pixel RGB/Monochrome camera designed for space applications. Lynx4MP comes with on-board storage to support a range of applications including space asset monitoring, earth observation, space manufacture, and rover missions. Lynx4MP comes with a wide range of wide angle and narrow range of optical assemblies to suit different applications. Precise image capture timing and exposure capability along with high-dynamic range operation makes Lynx4MP ideal for challenging space imaging applications.  


  • 4MP CMOS global shutter image sensor
  • On-board RAM and non-volatile memory 
  • Designed based on Infinity Avionics’ flight proven processors and sensors
  • Up to 13 Frames per second burst capture
  • SPI/ UART interface


Lynx4MP with 10mm focal length optics is ideal for space asset monitoring applications. These cameras can be used to monitor satellite deployments, space manufacturing, and space robotics.

  • 10 mm focal length
  •  400nm to 1000nm AR coating
  • Flight proven ruggedized lens assembly

Image Credit (NASA)


Lynx4MP with 70mm focal length optics is ideal for low spatial resolution earth observation, weather monitoring, or scientific experiments. 

  • 70 mm focal length
  • F number 2.2
  •  400nm to 1000nm AR coating
  • Flight proven ruggedized lens assembly




Lynx4MP-500 is ideal for high spatial resolution earth observation.

  • 500 mm focal length
  • F Number 5.7
  • 5.5m GSD from 500km orbit
  •  450nm to 750nm AR coating (customisable)
  • TRL9 lens assembly