Manufacturing of Volkh Cubesat Computers Completed

Volkh Computer

We are pleased to announce that Infinity Avionics has completed a manufacturing run of out Volkh computers. Manufactured to stringent quality standards with full knowledge and traceability of all components used in the manufacturing process, this batch of Volkhs will soon find its way to our customers. 

We have improved upon the previous revision of our Volkh by making a few minor but important changes in the design. This revision of the computers is easier to test, easier to use, and has features which enable it to dynamically switch off power to parts of the memory subsystem and external oscillators in order to reduce power consumption even further. 

Batch of Volkh Computers

The next steps are to perform inspection and acceptance testing of all the boards in this batch, after which they will be put through unit tests which will assure they perform to the required standards. We will then clean all the boards and put them through a bake-out process to ensure they meet cleanliness requirements for use on spacecraft. Finally, we are gearing up and setting up facilities to enable us to perform a thermal cycling test of each board before we ship them out to customers. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank CBRIN for supporting innovative start-ups in the Australian Capital Territory. This is made possible thanks to their funding via the ICON grant

If you would like to know more about how we perform any of these tests and what test reports we supply as standard with each product we ship, do not hesitate to contact us.