Infinity Avionics Launches High-Resolution Earth Observation Cameras.

Infinity Avionics, a Canberra-based space sensor company, expands its product offerings to include high-resolution Earth observation cameras. These high-resolution cameras will enable future Australian space missions to capture detailed images of Earth.

The Australian Space Agency has recently announced the multi-million-dollar National Space Mission Series for Earth Observation. Infinity Avionics is well placed to support these upcoming missions with their growing experience providing camera products to space missions from all over the world.

The new Lynx4MP camera is possibly the . Lynx4MP builds on a robust history of flight-proven electronic, sensor and optics designs, featuring a versatile configuration that is suited to a range of applications from space asset monitoring to high-resolution Earth observation (largely dependent on the selection of optics).

Infinity Avionics CEO Igor Dimitrijevic said, “Reliable, accurate and frequent Earth observation data plays a key role in supporting the everyday life of Australians. Our Lynx4MP-500 camera will be able to provide accurate and high-resolution image data to support agriculture, weather forecast, environmental planning, and disaster management among many other applications.”

Lynx4MP-500 is the latest camera product from the company with a ground sampling distance of just 5m (about the length of a car) at an orbit altitude of around 500km.  Infinity Avionics can customize these cameras to capture black and white, colour, or multispectral images to support various Earth observation applications as required by customers.

Infinity Avionics has the in-house capability to design and deliver such as to the Moon, Mars and for manned spaceflight. The team at Infinity Avionics has more than 20 years of combined experience delivering subsystems for state-of-the-art nanosatellite missions. Their technology has been in LEO and they look forward to deploying their technology to larger Australian satellites, and upcoming rover missions.

“It is vital to be able to design and develop commercial space cameras in Australia. We think this is a key aspect when developing sovereign Australian space capability for building our know-how, supply chains and jobs.” Mr Dimitrijevic said.

Lynx4MP camera is designed and developed right here in Australia supporting local businesses. Infinity Avionics has already delivered several Lynx4MP cameras to its customers, and these cameras will be launched into space starting in late 2022.

The new range of Earth observation cameras will complement Infinity Avionics’ existing high-resolution cameras as well as its monitoring camera products (SelfieCam) which have been a popular hit worldwide.  This stock has been swept up by global satellite manufacturers for monitoring their spacecraft, including solar panel deployments, and propulsion systems. “It’s fantastic to see Australian companies exporting products to global markets because this means our tech is worthy, we’re competitive, and customers seek our quality assured products. It’s also a great feeling to finally put Australia back on the map for contributing to the global space economy.” Mr Dimitrijevic said. Infinity Avionics products, designed and built in Australia, are currently exported worldwide including predominantly to the USA, Europe, and Japan.

The Canberra based company has recently received funding from the Australian Space Agency Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability Improvement grant to develop a Modular Imaging Unit (MIU) for a range of space applications including Earth observation, space-based space surveillance, rover and lander missions. Infinity Avionics is ramping up their space camera design and manufacture in Canberra. In turn, the space tech startup will create more jobs in the already growing space industry in Canberra.

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