Sensors and Processors Engineered for Space

Sensors for Space Asset Monitoring, Space Manufacturing, and Earth Observation

Infinity Avionics is a team of Australian engineers with years of experience in designing and deploying reliable, exceptional quality sensors and processors solutions for complex and sophisticated space missions. 

We provide optical sensors, thermal sensors, and radiation sensors designed for space asset monitoring, space robotics, space based manufacturing, and earth observation. 

Infinity Avionics high resolution cameras provides exceptional timing accuracy and high-dynamic range operation suitable for space asset monitoring, space manufacturing, and space robotics. 

A low resolution camera to monitor deployments and cubesat attitude. Equipped with an on-board JPEG encoder, integrated optics and internal MRAM memory, our camera makes it easy to obtain images from your satellite.

Our reconfigurable and general purpose FPGA based computers come in industry smallest form factor. Used as on-board computers or payload processors, they bring unprecedented flexibility to your satellite.